Traveller Health Declaration

All passengers arriving to and departing from the Maldives are required to complete the Traveler Health Declaration form within 48 hours of the flight time.

COVID-19 Travel Advisory


  1. All arriving and departing passengers via airports and seaports are required to complete the Traveler Health Declaration form within 48 hours, prior to the departure.
  2. All travelers should hold a valid negative PCR test result with a sample taken at most 96 hours prior to the first port of embarkation, en-route to the Maldives. Children below the age of 1 (one) year are exempted.
  3. All passengers EXCEPT those arriving on tourist visa must do a COVID-19 PCR test between the 3rd and 5th day of their arrival in the Maldives, effective 27th December 2021, until further notice from the Health Protection Agency of the Maldives.
  4. Effective from 20th January 2022, If the traveller is unable to meet the entry requirement of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result done 96 hours prior to departure to the Maldives, owing to the COVID-19 positive status within the 60 days of initial positive sample collection, please follow the instructions stated in Guidance for Positive recovered Travellers.
  5. The Traveler Health Declaration collects your contact details in the Maldives, flight details, COVID-19 vaccination information, quarantine requirements and your health status.



On-Arrival Quarantine Exemptions

Passengers under the following categories are exempt from quarantine requirements upon arrival;


  • Passengers entering the Maldives under a Tourist Visa.
  • Fully vaccinated Maldivian citizens and their non-citizen dependents.
  • Fully vaccinated Diplomat Visa holders and their dependents.
  • Fully vaccinated Work Visa holders and their dependents.
  • Passengers who have recently recovered from COVID-19 (previous infection within 60 days prior to the date of departure) and got a positive PCR test result from the sample tested for travel. 

COVID-19 vaccination is deemed complete if 14 days have passed since the completion of prescribed doses of COVID-19 vaccine approved by Maldives Food and Drug Authority or WHO for emergency use (Emergency Use Listing).




On-Arrival Mandatory 14-day Quarantine Required


  • Maldivian citizens and long term visa holders (except tourists) who have not received all the prescribed doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by Maldives Food and Drug Authority or is mentioned in WHO’s Emergency Use Listing (EUL, Status of COVID-19 Vaccines within WHO EUL/PQ evaluation process) are required to quarantine for 14-days (fourteen) after arrival to Maldives.
  • Maldivian citizens and long-term visa holders (except tourists) who have not completed 14 (fourteen) days (prior to the date of arrival) after receiving the prescribed dose(s) of a vaccine, are required to quarantine for 14-days (fourteen) after arrival to Maldives.
  • The travellers who are required to quarantine should register for prior approval 24-48-hours before travelling by providing required details to [email protected]
  • Such individual(s) must obtain a negative PCR test result on completion of the 14 days before they are released from quarantine. Children under the age of 12 (twelve) years are exempted from quarantine.


Please visit for tourist related COVID-19 updates

Please visit for more national updates on COVID-19

Please visit for air travel requirements

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2022

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Travel History

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I agree that the possession of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result does not preclude national authorities from undertaking any additional screening or surveillance measures deemed necessary.

I also agree that in the event that I become a direct contact or tested positive for COVID-19, I am to bear any costs that may incur for isolation or quarantine.

Before you submit your application, review it carefully. Providing incorrect information could lead to denial of entry in accordance with The Maldives Immigration Act 2007.

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